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Day 10: car shopping & the beach

Wednesday 18 September

When I was a kid, my dad had the weirdest sayings that he would trot out and drop into conversations as little non sequiturs. 

We had one with a zip up the back, but the bubble burst and the wheel fell off.

This one came to mind yesterday when N received a call from his dad to say that they might need the car because the wheel had fallen off the van.

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Days 6 & 7 (le weekend): house hunting, cheese and endless rain

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 September

Our first weekend is over, and it rained almost constantly. The sky has been a solid grey, the wind howling, and it’s been raining sideways at some points. I’m getting a strong feeling of deja vu with the locals saying “Oh, I’ve never known rain like it!”  Continue reading “Days 6 & 7 (le weekend): house hunting, cheese and endless rain”