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A thought on Thursday

What are we doing? Who came up with this crazy plan? Why are we leaving this lovely house, these lovely people, this lovely life to start again?

I’ve remembered that I don’t like change. I’m a creature of habit. I like to have my own space, my nest.

Tomorrow we take our fluffy, stupid, adorable kitties to their new home.
Tomorrow our best friends come stay for a final sleepover.

Only 7 more sleeps till we leave our home, and one more after that till we fly.

I don’t want to go, but I also just want to be gone, because I don’t want to say all of these goodbyes. 


Kiwi, just returned home after 17 years in the UK. Feminist, wife, mother to 2 daughters. Strongly opinionated and very vocal. I'm wicked through and through.

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