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Day 1: breakfast, more travelling, home

Monday 19 September

The alarm went off at 7:45, and we were up, dressed, and re-packed in time to head down to breakfast. We grabbed a big table so my family could sit with us and chat. The girls immediately clicked with their cousin, who is a similar age, and they were all giggling and playing as if they’d known each other for ages. It was lovely to see them connect, as having family around us has been a major driver in this whole move.

After breakfast, we said goodbye to my family, then spent an hour watching NZ breakfast TV while waiting for B and G to arrive. The girls kept commenting on the “thick accents” of people on TV, but we agreed that “strong accent” was probably a better way to describe it. 🙂 The girls found it hard to believe that they are now the ones with the accents.

G bought his trailer with a big cover over it, so we could fit all of the suitcases in, and S got to sit in the front with Granddad. L sat with Nana and babbled at her for quite a lot of the journey. We stopped at a cafe somewhere along the way and had milkshakes with lunch. I was excited to see they had lime milkshakes, so had one – and it tasted just as I remembered from when I was a kid. Lime was always my favourite flavour, and you can’t get a similar flavour in the UK (it bears no resemblance to actual lime, it’s just green and sweet).

We finally arrived in Tauranga to find that B and G have totally rearranged their house to make space for us. The girls have a lovely twin room, and N and I have the double bed. The spare bedroom is the TV room (obvs), so G is in the caravan outside, while B is in the tent. I was a bit worried about this when I heard the plan. We can’t kick them out of the house and make them sleep in a tent! Then I saw the actual set up:


N, B, S and I wandered down to the local fish and chip shop for tea, where B introduced us in the hope that we would be served generous portions if we came in on our own: “This is my son and daughter-in-law. They’ve come to stay.” When I went to collect the food, the woman said to me “Your mother, she’s very lovely. She comes in here ALL the time.” Busted, B! 🙂

It was an early night for all of us, as jet lag caught up. Our first night of our new life.


Kiwi, just returned home after 17 years in the UK. Feminist, wife, mother to 2 daughters. Strongly opinionated and very vocal. I'm wicked through and through.

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