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Days 6 & 7 (le weekend): house hunting, cheese and endless rain

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 September

Our first weekend is over, and it rained almost constantly. The sky has been a solid grey, the wind howling, and it’s been raining sideways at some points. I’m getting a strong feeling of deja vu with the locals saying “Oh, I’ve never known rain like it!”  – this could be any one of the summer holidays we had glamping in England/Wales during rainstorms. Perhaps we are just magnets for this sort of weather. Yay.

We’ve been to visit some open homes this weekend. We planned to see six houses, but ended up popping in to an extra one at the end when we saw the sign on our way home. Of those 7 houses, 5 were awful. Not the right feel, too small, odd layout, no garden space, wrong area – you name it, we didn’t like it.

But one was lovely. 4 bedrooms, lovely kitchen/dining/family space, extra living rooms, gorgeous master suite, an office, a huge rumpus room, and a POOL! Alas, the auction is on Thursday, so it’s not likely we’ll be ready to bid for it, given that our money is still in our English bank account. As we’ve never bought at auction before, I asked the agent what we needed to do.

Me: “Do we need to have a mortgage pre-approved?”

Him: “You need to be in a cash position.”

Me (confused): “Ah. And what does that mean?”

Him (patronisingly): “You need to be in a cash position. You need to have cash.”

Me: “Oh.”

We left the house, and I immediately texted V, my bff since we were 6, who is an estate agent. She called me back and it turns out that “in a cash position” means you need to have your mortgage pre-approved. Man, that guy was a dick.

The final house we saw, on an impulse, was lovely. Just around the corner from B & G, it’s a little old 3 bed house, with high ceilings, good room proportions and lots of space around it. It also has almost 180° views of the bay. It would need loads of work to renovate it, and they think it will go for over a million dollars, so I don’t think we’ll be moving in there! It would be a shame if someone knocked it down to build something modern on the plot (although that’s probably what will happen, or even subdivide the section), as the house has such a lovely character.

In other news, the cheese-crisis has passed!

L & I went with B for a coffee/hot choc, and a wander around a lovely kitchen shop. They also have food, and had this:


so I immediately bought some for N, although it was quite expensive.

Later on, S and I popped into the supermarket (I had another quiet meltdown at the fact that I don’t understand the prices or brands), and we found the same cheese at a slightly more reasonable price, so now we know where to look.

After days of non-stop rain, the girls are almost vibrating with energy, so tomorrow is going to involve some walking and play equipment, even if it’s still raining!


Kiwi, just returned home after 17 years in the UK. Feminist, wife, mother to 2 daughters. Strongly opinionated and very vocal. I'm wicked through and through.

2 thoughts on “Days 6 & 7 (le weekend): house hunting, cheese and endless rain

  1. Technically is an unconditional sale (so you have assured any conditions you may have had have been met before you bid ie finance, builder’s report, toxicology etc). 😊

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