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Day 13: Seals, open homes & drawing

Saturday 1 October

Number of days since I accidentally turned on the wipers instead of indicating while driving: 0

The weather forecast is wet and windy for the next week, so we took advantage of a dry morning to head around the Mount. N decided to run around, so he went round twice while the rest of us dawdled around just once. Along the way we saw a couple of seals, snoozing the morning away, looking alarmingly dead. But apparently this is normal for a seal.


S managed to spot this one, snoozing on a rock. I have no idea how it got up there, but it did look comfortable, draped across the top:


And G spotted this bird. I have no idea what it is. Answers on a postcard please.


We had a quick stop for delicious hot chocolates once we’d finished, the thought of which was the only thing which kept the girls going round the second half of the loop.

After lunch, N, G, S & I went to look at more open homes, this time in the Papamoa area. We discovered that a lot of the new builds have very little land, and N wasn’t too impressed with this. Our last stop was on at the other end of the road from B & G’s place. The house was nice enough, although needed work, but it did have the most spectacular views over Welcome Bay, which impressed S:


Meanwhile, B had taken L to a free course offered by the library over the school holidays. This one focused on Manga and creating Zines (which turn out to be small magazines). She had a brilliant time, and came away full of enthusiasm for a new style of drawing:


Smudging is very important, apparently.



She also came away with a flyer for regular courses, which she’d love to do, but they’re quite pricey, so I haven’t decided if we can afford them yet.

More house hunting tomorrow, and there’s a storm forecast. :/ Oh well.



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