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Day 14: More house hunting

Sunday 2 October

Number of days since I accidentally turned on the wipers instead of indicating while driving: 1
(Although I did manage to indicate when I went to turn on the wipers. But that totally doesn’t count.)

We started the day with a quick trip to the stationery shop to buy school supplies. The stationery list took me by surprise, as in England you just rock up to school and they provide everything – even the lunch if you pay for hot dinners. But here we need to provide a long list of supplies, although I took some liberties, and only got one or two of some things as they do only have one term left at school this year. There’ll be another stationery list heading our way for January.

Anyhoo, we managed to spend an obscene amount of money in a short space of time, so braved the heavy rain to get back to the car and head home for lunch.

After lunch, we loaded the whole whanau (extended family, for you non-Kiwi readers) into my our lovely new car and went house hunting. This time we were looking at houses near the beach.

We didn’t even go into the first two, but that gave us plenty of time to head the 50 miles away to the next one. I may be exaggerating a little, but it did seem to be a loooooong way from the Mount down in Papamoa East. The house was gorgeous, with a kitchen to drool over, and the price was not too scary, but we decided it was too far out for us.

The next one was nice – it would have been fine, but wasn’t our dream home. Then onto another couple with fabulous views of Welcome Bay, but the houses just weren’t quite right.

Back to the drawing board, and we found a few more worth looking at so sent off some emails to arrange viewings for later in the week.

All of this house hunting is taking its toll on all of us – especially the girls. It’s very unsettling to look at all these houses and find that they’re all not quite right to be our home. S was particularly upset by it, so comforted herself by squeezing the neighbourhood cat until it ran out of purrs or patience and came to sleep by the fire. I guess we all need to remember that this is the boring bit, and that eventually we’ll walk into a house and it’ll be The One. But the rest of them are a bit meh, and that’s not much fun.



Kiwi, just returned home after 17 years in the UK. Feminist, wife, mother to 2 daughters. Strongly opinionated and very vocal. I'm wicked through and through.

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