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Days 16-19: work, family, swimming and more rain

Well, a week of working and trying to keep the girls, while also running around doing all the many little chores that are required to build a new life, has left me knackered, so the blog lost out in favour of sleeping! So here is a review of the week:

Tuesday 4 October

I had an early start, so I could get work done before popping out to view two houses by the beach (one no, one maybe), and then the girls and I headed off to visit my sister’s. They live WAAAAAAAYYYYYY out in the country:


They live on a farm, and my other sister was visiting, so it was a very sociable visit. The girls got to help feed Zac the lamb, saw the calves, and generally run around with their cousins.

Wednesday 5 October

More work, and also took the new car in to have the Japanese stereo replaced for one in English, and we also had the little talking Japanese lady in the glove box removed. N thinks it was a little gadget for the toll roads, and this disembodied voice would chat cheerfully every time you started the car. S misses her voice. 🙂

We had a windy picnic lunch by the beach. L fed a cheeky gull some bread, so we were then stalked by half a dozen of them until we left:


I was a mean Mummy and wouldn’t let the girls on gadgets till late afternoon. They were forced to be creative and play outside. It’s a tough life.


Thursday 6 October

B took the girls to the library. L was in heaven, and has had her nose in a book constantly. There are now books discarded on every flat surface.

B had the girls polishing her silver flatware, in exchange for pocket money. S was hoping L wouldn’t want to do it so that she could have all the money herself. She was quite annoyed with me when I asked her to give Lily the chance to join in.

We went back to BayWave in the late afternoon, and I took my laptop on the off-chance that it would be quiet. It was very quiet, so I got a table and got some extra work done, and the girls had a great time bobbing about in the waves. It was nice to see them playing together, rather than just annoying the bejesus out of each other.

Work on the dragon birthday cake began. I don’t know why I let myself in for these things! I said to L “Should we buy a cake this year? Or would you prefer a homemade one?” She replied that she wanted a homemade one. With a dragon. A gold dragon. From Pern (from the Anne McCaffery books). I should have seen that one coming. Pinterest to the rescue – I managed to find a Pern-like dragon, which didn’t look impossible to get similar to. The dragon started out looking alarmingly like a lizard though:



Friday 7 October

A hectic day, with a few hours work in the morning while B delivered the girls to an ice-cream making course at the library. I was in the zone and totally forgot the time, until N asked what time the finished at the library. I had to drop everything and run out of the door to collect them on time, and then we went off to buy school uniforms ($220 for 8 items!!!), followed by a house viewing (second viewing for the one we liked on Monday – still a firm maybe). Back home via McDonalds to feed the hangry kids, then back to work while they vegged out on their gadgets. We had a lovely roast lamb for dinner, then it was back to the dragon cake, before falling into bed, exhausted.

The weather has been all over the place, with rain, sun and wind all taking turns. We even had a beautiful full double rainbow (my phone camera lens isn’t wide enough to capture the whole thing):


In the bottom left of that photo, you can see the mast on G’s boat – work has been progressing steadily, and earlier in the week the girls were both “helping” him as he worked on it. They were even allowed to do some painting – he’s a brave man! S is getting impatient, and wants to get out on the boat, so does nag G occasionally to get out there and get working on it. She’s such a charmer!


Kiwi, just returned home after 17 years in the UK. Feminist, wife, mother to 2 daughters. Strongly opinionated and very vocal. I'm wicked through and through.

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