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Week 4: school, work, family @ Omori

A quick wrap up of the week.

Monday 10 October

This was a big day, as the girls started at their new school. We headed in early, so we could find out which classrooms the girls were in, and then took them to meet their new teachers. Lots of kids were at the school well before 9am, and were running around playing, many in bare feet. Both sets of teachers (Moodle has two teachers) are very nice, and immediately assigned a buddy to the girls to help them get settled in. Before we’d left, Moodle had taken her shoes off to join in with the others.

At the end of the day, N and I went to collect the girls, and were the only parents standing outside their classrooms. As the bell rang (it’s more of a fog-horn), this bare-foot horde of small people came rushing out, and trampled past me in their haste to leave. The girls had had a good first day, had made some friends, and came out with smiles on their faces. High point of the day? Bare feet at school.

I spent the working day documenting auto-enrolment pension processing. It seems that moving half-way round the world is not enough to escape this.

Tuesday 11 October

Day 2 at school. At school drop off, I was told by Squishy to wait by the gate at the end of the day, not come to her classroom. So it begins.

Wednesday 12 October

Today we went to a Pohiri (or powhiri, depending on your preference) at school, which is a traditional Maori welcome. They do this at the start of each term to welcome in the new students and their families. I was unexpectedly excited by this. There was also morning tea afterwards, so N came along too. Not that I’m implying he only came for the food. Squishy told me at breakfast that she wouldn’t be staying with us for morning tea. Because it’s uncool, or something, I gather.

Anyway, there was lots of singing, and speeches, and then afterwards there was tea and cake. Moodle hung around for cake (she’s my daughter alright), but Squishy vanished as soon as the other children were let out of the hall.

Thursday 13 October

More work, and a bit of house hunting. Saw a lovely house which had amazing views of Mt Maunganui today. Fell a little bit in love with it, but it may be too expensive, and we don’t have a mortgage arranged.

Friday 14 October

No idea. Must have been a quiet day, as there’s nothing but work in my journal.

Saturday 14 October

N, the girls, G and I all went to Omori to visit N’s aunt and uncle who were visiting from Australia, while B stayed home nursing a head cold. We stayed at another aunt & uncle’s holiday house, and it was lovely. The house has views of Lake Taupo, and we went for a walk down to the water, through a wood full of native birds.





The kids were worn out by the walk down to the lake (lazy little blighters), so were properly exhausted by the time we’d climbed back up to the house. After dinner, we watched Tintin, and the best bit was how amusing Uncle A found all the funny bits.

Sunday 15 October

We all piled into our fab car, and headed off to a nearby trout farm for some education, then swung past a thermal mud pools walk.


The men-folk were very safety conscious, wandering off the path, right by a sign telling you not to go there:


Back home for lunch, and a group selfie to leave on the fridge, then we were on our way home. It was really nice to spend time with A & A, and we all had a great time. The girls came back full of tales to Nana of how naughty Great Uncle A is. 🙂




Kiwi, just returned home after 17 years in the UK. Feminist, wife, mother to 2 daughters. Strongly opinionated and very vocal. I'm wicked through and through.

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