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Week 5: 1 month in NZ, school, house shopping, banks & socialising

October 17 – 23

This week in a nutshell:

  • More school.
    Girls making friends, enjoying the no-shoes thing.
  • More work.
    More blimming auto-enrolment, among other stuff.
  • More house hunting.
    A second viewing at the house with the lovely views. Think it will be too expensive. Still haven’t arranged a mortgage, and the auction is coming up.
  • Meeting with the bank about mortgage.
    In person: “Yes, I’m sure that will be fine. Here, let me show you pictures of the house I’m building.”
    Later, on the phone: “Oh, not sure. There could be a problem.”
    Still later, on the phone: “Sorry, no. Because you’re self-employed and your income is coming from the UK, we can’t possibly risk it.”
  • Meeting with mortgage advisor.
    In person: “Probably. Let me have a look. Your bank is a bit odd.”
  • Meeting with people. Nice people.
    I tagged along with N as he went to a web meetup. Met a bunch of lovely people, and listened to a nice man talk about programming languages. I knew the words he was saying, but didn’t understand much of what they meant when he used them in that order.
    Went for dinner and drinks afterwards.
    Bought a round for an English ex-pat. He was surprised, as a round isn’t a thing here. I assured him I’m still ok with buying a round, as we haven’t been here long. He also wasn’t scared off when I said “Please be my friend!”
    Feel like we’ve started the process of making friends.
  • Dinner party with nice people.
    Nice English man from web meetup invited us to his dinner party. Met his wife, another guy from the meetup and his wife. All such lovely people. Amazing food. Feel like this #KiwiLife thing might work out, after all.
  • Walk around the Mount.
    It was very windy, kids were cold so they wrapped up in towels:


Squishy didn’t take any shoes, so borrowed Moodle’s for a bit, and then borrowed mine:


Looks like I didn’t take a single photo this week. Which is a sign of how flat I was feeling before I went out and drank alcohol and mingled with new people. The alcohol and new people perked me up a great deal.

Also – Wednesday marks one calendar month since we landed.


**Edited – I did take some photos – found them on my actual camera, not my phone so I’ve added them above.**



Kiwi, just returned home after 17 years in the UK. Feminist, wife, mother to 2 daughters. Strongly opinionated and very vocal. I'm wicked through and through.

One thought on “Week 5: 1 month in NZ, school, house shopping, banks & socialising

  1. Takes time lovely, glad to hear the Kiwis are starting to appreciate how awesome you are. Can’t believe you forgot the ‘if in doubt ply people with alcohol’ rule! Xx

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