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Week 6: Book club, play dates & sailing

October 24 – 30

This week was all about:

  • Labour day.
    Monday was a public (Bank) holiday.
    N & I had an early start so we could do some work in the morning, then head out to visit his sister in Hamilton for lunch. Then we had another burst of work in the evening. This is a huge advantage of working in a different time-zone to everyone else. As long as the work is done, it doesn’t matter if we do it between 8:30 & 5:30, or in random bursts throughout the day.
    We had lunch with S and her family, the kids all dropping into play-mode as soon as they saw each other. There was some competitive gaming, Moodle was chasing the boys round with a sword at one point, and they both came home with borrowed swag. Moodle has a stack of books, and Squishy has a pile of Scooby Doo DVDs. These selections will not surprise anyone who knows them.
    While the kids were keeping themselves amused, we had a lovely catch up with S and her husband H.
  • More school. Kids getting into the swing of this, and Squishy often wants to go to school without shoes. We have compromised, and she at least takes her flip-flops (or jandals in the local parlance), which I presume get kicked off the moment she arrives.
  • Viewed a few more houses.
    Not confident we’ll get the one with the lovely view because: a) it’s going to be very expensive (they basically add a mark-up for the view), and b) we still don’t have any mortgage. Saw another house which I quite like. A bit smaller, a bit cheaper, right next to a playground and across the road from an access road down to the waterside of Welcome Bay. I really, really, really like it.
  • I went to a book club.
    Another group I found on Meetup, this was the first meeting of the group. There was no alcohol, and they were all healthy. But the conversation was good, so I’ll probably go back again next month. Shame about the no alcohol and no cake thing though.
  • The girls both had play dates on Saturday.
    Squishy went to play with her friend who lives at the end of our road. She had a lovely time.
    Moodle & I took her friend swimming, and they were in the water for hours. I had to drag them out so that we could get lunch (trusty McDs) because I was so hungry. Moodle’s friend is a real sweetie, and her parents are cool musicians, so this could be an interesting friendship!
    (As a side note, the lime milkshakes at McDs are pretty good, and almost as good as the lime milkshakes of my childhood. They’ve never been near a lime, but are very green.)
  • We finally went sailing!
    The kids were so excited, so even though it was a bit cool and windy, G got the boat out onto the harbour. He let both of the kids steer (watching Squishy head directly for a large buoy was moderately terrifying), and we stopped at an isolated beach for lunch and starfish torture. It was knackering and perfect.



A wee selfie of me, on a beach, with my awesome hat on:



Kiwi, just returned home after 17 years in the UK. Feminist, wife, mother to 2 daughters. Strongly opinionated and very vocal. I'm wicked through and through.

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