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Three months in NZ

Hi again,

So I’ve been very bad at updating the blog, and for that I apologise. I’m easily distracted, there’s no other reason.

It’s been a busy month, so here’s a quick update of what you missed:

  • We had our first new NZ friends round for dinner. I made vegetarian burgers from one of B’s cookbooks. They were a disaster. I made meringues, which were a success. We drank alcohol to compensate for the burgers. It was a lovely evening.
  • We decided not to buy the house we were seriously considering because we thought the layout would mean that half of the house would never be used, and therefore a waste of money.
  • B & G went on holiday, leaving us to adult all on our own for two weeks. It was a shocker, but the kids were still cleaned and fed, and no one was lost.
  • Moodle went to a birthday party. Had a ball.
  • Moodle & Squishy started roller skating classes. Were not sure at first, but after three weeks’ worth of lessons, managed to pass their first assessment. I think the teacher took pity on them a bit, but we milked that sympathy for all it was worth! More lessons in the new year.
  • We made friends with the parents’ of Moodle’s new friend. They have another daughter the same age as Squishy, and we get on well with them all. Is so lovely to meet a friendly family with similar politics/opinions to us. I had a great time comparing feminist opinions with R. So fab.
  • The girls started at St John’s cadets, which is a sort-of-like-Guides thing, with focus of first aid. They were welcomed in by everyone there, and are loving it.
  • The girls took part in the local Christmas parade with the St John’s team, and walked the route in the heat. Moodle told the leader that she’ll only do it next year if they get a truck to use as a float.
  • Personal highlight of the parade for me was the dude wearing the inflatable dinosaur suit. I couldn’t stop laughing everytime I saw him, he was brilliant.
  • Moodle went to orientation at her new Intermediate school for the new year. All is awesome, apparently.
  • We saw another house which we fell in love with. Were wooed by the agent. Set ourselves a strict spending limit and went to the auction. Lost by $1,000 – although we have no idea how much more money the winning bidders would have been willing to spend. Were devastated for two days. Moped around a lot.
  • The girls skivved off the last week of school (which is so awesome – school said “just write us a letter telling us when they’ll be off and why” and that was it), because…
  • Our UK BFFs came to visit for a week, and we loafed around, went to the beach, ate too much, drank too much, and did a bit of touristy sight-seeing. Then all cried when they left us to carry on to see their family down south.
  • Three days after the auction, on the Sunday, we went house hunting, and saw 7 properties in one day (open home days are awesome). The kids were armed with checklists and Moodle started asking agents questions, such as “Has there ever been a problem with damp?” and “Is it insulated?” She’s so brilliant.
  • We fell in love with a house. A big, expensive house. Naturally.
  • We made an offer on the Monday.
  • We went unconditional on the house on the Thursday.
  • Took Squishy to see a new school which is on the bus route for the new house, and got her enrolled for the new year.
  • We settled on the house the following Friday, less than two weeks after we saw it!
  • Our furniture is being delivered on Thursday this week.

How’s your month been?






Kiwi, just returned home after 17 years in the UK. Feminist, wife, mother to 2 daughters. Strongly opinionated and very vocal. I'm wicked through and through.

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